Royalty Software Guide

There is no one best royalty solution for all publishers.

Small publishers tend to select Easy Royalties due to its low price (prices start at $500), one-on-one customer support.

Publishers with a larger budget can select from a wide range of powerful and scalable solutions that calculate royalties faster, generate royalty contracts from boiler plate paragraphs, offer authors access to their statements via an on-line portal and can be closely integrated with the publisher’s financial systems. These systems may have optional modules for editorial management, title information management and production management. Server based royalty software solutions for medium and larger publishers start at $30,000 excluding implementation fees.

Pricing for a hosted solution ranges from $100/month to $650/month per user plus an implementation fees. Some vendors may require a minimum 3 or 5 user hosting agreement.

Small Press Recommendation

1. Easy Royalties from JDC Software is a powerful and affordable Windows PC based royalty software solution for new publishing houses. A 30 day trial version is available. Prices start at $500 USD.

Medium Press Recommendations

Publishers with annual revenue of $3M+ USD and a larger software budget can select from a wider range of royalty software. Some of these solutions; such as Elan, knk and Klopotek offer optional modules cover production management, title information, sales, inventory and more.

1. BiblioRoyalties is a powerful hosted solution.

2. Easy Royalties from JDC Software is an affordable PC based solution for publishers that import less than 50,000 sales records per month and have no more than five concurrent users accessing the software.

3. Elan Rights & Royalties from Media Services is a powerful and easy to use hosted solution. Elan has a suite of publishing modules that can extend the software to handle production management, sales and accounting.

4. Klopotek is a powerful and highly scalable hosted solution used by over 300 publishers; with over 10,000 uses, in Europe and the United States.

5. knkPublishing is the only Microsoft-certified business software for publishers worldwide.  The knk software seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and other products in the Microsoft product stack.

Users are free to pick and choose which modules they need. For example, the knkPublishing royalty management module enables publishers to manage rights at a single content level (i.e. at the lowest level of saleable content, such as chunks, series, etc.), and publishers can add other modules of knkPublishing on demand (including Title Management, CRM, Asset Management, Events, ONIX and a lot more). Clients: 150 publishers worldwide.

7. Royalty Tracker from MetaComet is a highly scalable and easy to use hosted solution for managing royalties and rights income. They are known for rapid software implementations. Metacomet offers an optional royalty service for companies that want to outsource royalty processing along with an author portal.

Large Press Recommendations

Each of the royalty software solutions in this section are highly scalable and have clients with annual revenue of $100M to $1B+ USD. A large press royalty software selection process will include RFP’s, onsite demos, client visits, vendor credit checks, and extensive reference checking.

1. Advance Rights & Royalties from Ingenta is flexible and powerful. Used by McGraw-Hill Education to manage royalties for over one million ISBNs and over 250K royalty contracts.

2. Alliant from Real Software Systems is a powerful software solution for companies with sales exceeding $100M.

3. Biblio from Virtusales is used by Random House UK to manage their rights, royalties and title information.

5. Klopotek Rights and Royalties is a powerful contracts, rights and royalty software solution used by over 300 publishers.

6. Royalty Tracker from Metacomet is an easy to use rights and royalty software solution.