ImplementationsEach year we guide 12 to 20 book publishing companies large and small through royalty software implementations for the EasyRoyalties software. Our clients have included Purdue University Press, Bookmasters, CQ Press, Dover Publications, Museum of Modern Art, Group Publishing, New Growth Press, Other Press, Springer Publishing and many more.

Level 1 – This free service for publishers that purchase Easy Royalties from us includes a review of your 1) royalty system settings, 2) imports of your authors, products and historical sales and 3) training

Level 2 – Online royalty setup review, data conversion and training.

Level 3 – Onsite implementation includes on-site business process analysis, data conversion and on-site training.




“I just wanted to tell you thank you again for making our transition to Easy Royalties so smooth.  You always responded so promptly and helped me understand what I was seeing.  We received only 1 call from our authors after making the change.  And that was a title that we had incorrect on our end.  So, thank you!”
Group Publishing (Easy Royalties, 2012)